Fast food Industry is growing in India by Leaps and Bounds with trendy times that the people are getting used to. The family structure today is becoming Macro from Micro with little time to spend with the Children as no time left for them to do cooking. Both Wife and Husband are cumulatively working in the Urban areas looking for alternative help to fill in the gap in to-day’s family. Hence a phenomenal growth in the Fast food industry in the Urban areas and also the migration from the Rural areas to the Urban areas is adding oomph to Fast food industry to grow further to cater to the demanding needs of the Public.

In the present scenario the Industry requires Professionally trained personnel to meet out the growth of the Fast food industry. This industry requires Tens of Thousands of people to work for and hence we at PITSTOP with fast paced development looking for Young Dynamic Boys and Girls, preferably with fluency in English, within the Age group of 20-25 Yrs to join PITSTOP family for an excellent career growth with befitting remunerative offer. We Teach you, We accommodate you, We feed you and above all we shape you up to be professionals in the industry.