AB Resorts and Restaurants (ABRR)

AB Resorts and Restaurants (ABRR) is the latest to the flagship company AB Group. ABRR has a wide spread business across resorts, fast food chain and food court. Our Fast food chain of restaurants is under the banner of PITSTOP while the food courts and industrial catering services are under the banner of ABFC.

Harnessing the incredible potential of the food and beverage industry in India, we envisage delivering taste to give you strength and vigor. The mission of our fast food chain has always been to deliver conceptualized cuisine of the highest quality with a hearty smile in a pleasing environment.

“AB Resorts and Restaurants (ABRR )” – It’s our latest business venture that combines entertainment with good high quality food. Pitstop is an ISO and HACCP certified Flagship Company of the AB Group.

The success of Pitstop as a fast food restaurant chain has been phenomenal. And yes our customers wanted more from us. Impressed with our high quality food and service, corporate in Chennai opened the gates for us to enter into the Food court model of service under the banner ABFC.

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